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2 years ago

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Last year my wife went on vacation with friends to Greece. Sometimes I work very long, but open with our sex life was hoping to fill some gaps. We are both in their late 20's and have been married for six years and were sentenced other since we met. Two weeks passed and her mother had arranged, that sit most of the house while I was at work to do. Mary is a woman beautiful enough, but a bit basic. in the middle of the first week that it planned to cumbrains overnight in one of my TV Kirk (Kris ). I had already given him a key so that when I got home, was there. He was in the living room and get ready for shutdown. Standing in the middle of the room dressed in white basque and stockings had a large capacity hard in a good 8. 5 ins. No underwear. He quickly began to strip and it was not long before they find themselves in the position 69 in the mouth. We have to aspire ages, so then he turned to Kirk and gradually freed me in the ass. then, since thisand I do not know why I looked at the door, and my total surprise, my mother -in-law Mary stayed with one hand on her blouse and the other between her legs. His eyes were closed, cumbrains but then I opened it and saw what I saw. All she said was : ". I just came to see, if you want your dinner," I smiled and said, "Come here. " I moved to Kirk and then gradually stripped of Mary, until she was completely naked. I cumbrains lay on the couch and Kirk started licking her pussy while she took cumbrains my cock in her mouth. It was not long before he turned and was fucking her from behind while she gorged on the tail of Kirk. Over the next two hours or so we cumbrains had some incredible sex, including bolts of Mary in the ass. Kirk Close to midnight, and left me and Mary had a long conversation and I explained a little of his daughters and my lifestyle, and admitted cumbrains that he had no idea, but not beyond a tab. He stayed in that night and picked up again and cumbrains the next week and a half I spent a few nights and introduced it to some of our friends. She was more than impressed and had their first girl on girl action, but add my dick in your ass tonight. I told the woman in the back, and although at first very surprised that he has never discussed with her mother because, as we have always said our fun and games, if we are not together. If you like this in a story, why not contact us, especially with unusual ideas.

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